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Wow, That Long?

Seriously, I can't believe it's been that long since I've updated here.  Well yeah I can but it's a shame I haven't kept up with LJ as I've should.  Since it's been a year maybe I should try and change that and start actually posting things on here again.  Dunno since I'm honestly not sure if anyone really reads this here anymore.  We'll see but for now HI PEEPS!!! ^_______________^


Commissions Anyone????

Ok so I really need some cash just now.  Not only am I scraping for money for food but my chair broke and I seriously need to try and make some extra $$$$$$ to take care of both.  I'm really only offering single sketches for $10 but if you want a lineart instead that's a total of $15.  If you haven't noticed yet I draw almost anything so feel free to ask.  The only thing I will NOT draw is mecha!!!!  Everything else I'm always willing to pretty much try.  So if you like my art and can spare some change, I'd be so willing to draw for ya ^_______________^ 


Some more merchadise

Some more items I did up for a purchase.  Let me know if you're interested in ordering something.

T-Shirts are $10.00
Mouse Pads are $8.00
Medium Totes are $10.00



Naruto Book Marks

Just some of the book marks I plan on selling at Otakon.  More to come ^^

Kurenai, Temari, Sakura, Gaara, Hinata


Hehe, I caved the other day and bought a beta fish which we named Marty.  WHY?  Well because Ileana liked it!  We haven't had a beta in ages and I think they're so pretty so I had to get another one.  Plus it helped curve Ileana's issue of not getting something at the pet store, she wanted a bird.  I'm not against it since we've had one in the past and still have the cage and such but I wont take care of the birds cage (hubby's job).  I told her to ask her dad which she did and being the daddy I know Alan is, he said no, HAHAHA!  So we got Marty.

Anyhow I was a bit worried since we've had him for a few days and I hadn't noticed him eating.  WELL, he's eating now!  Little bugger was a vacuum cleaner sucking up all his food as soon as I fed him this morning.  I was like HAH!!! I knew you were hungry!!  He's really cute tho :3

Also Ian, my son, was being a goober last night tripped while running on the couch and smacked his face onto the arm.  He looks like I took a whip to his face, sigh!  Alan's been off work again due to being sick and man he sounds like a dieing man.  No voice, droopy eyes, and hacking around the house!  EWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Well that's the latest in our house!



It's that time again, the time where I stop and look at what I've done over the last few months and such. I'm pissed honestly, I wont go into details why but it's affecting my drawing and well I'm not happy with a few things. I'm currently, stressed, annoyed, worried, tired, and frustrated. I'm trying to catch up on commissions so I can get started on cracking out some new work for Otakon which I hope to attend. But AS USUAL, I'm reminded of my lack in skills and how awesome other artists are. It leaves me wondering if attending the con really is something I should do. I'll go no matter what but I'd like to participate in the artist alley, but when I look back I'm not sure if it's what I should be doing. Theres a shit load I need to learn and my cg skills are not up to par. Shrugs, not sure what to really say since I know I shouldn't compare and doing so only makes things worse. Not to mention that I know we all have different tastes and I like different styles as well.

Oh well, just another one of those journals where I have to rant where not to many people follow ^^ Leaves me feeling a bit better and such. I may post some wip pics of prints I'll be doing but not decided yet ^^ and sorry to those that do follow me here for not posting anything in eons. Been a busy time in my life!


Emergency Commissions

Ok, umm, so our car broke down last night and I have no idea how much this is going to set us back. So I'm open for some cheap digital sketches. They can be full body poses of fanart or oc's. I'll draw yaoi, yuir, hentai, and shota! I do have some restrictions but nothing too big a deal. I normally don't do antrhos but if someone is really wanting that I can attempt them! Mechas are a NO tho cause hahahahaha I'm just no good at them. Anyhow if anyone's interested please contact me! I'm in a pretty big hole right now >.<


Naruto Fanart Dump - NSFW!!!!!!!!!

Just a Naruto Related Fanart Dump YAOI RELATED!!

In order from left to right
~Holiday Gift to Lenap for all her help
~Commission for zm1x5
~Holiday Iruka
~Sweet as Chocolate from lecanis recent fic
~Happy Holiday Sketch
~Men of Konoha (just a few random guys)

NSFW - Click at your own risk ^^Collapse )

A few diff things + Hubby convo ^^

Copied from my Y journal ^^

(o)Hmm I'll start off with commissions...I'm still plodding along with them but I've slowed down a bit. Ran into some problems with a bg one and well as most of you know DEMONA SUCKS ASS WITH BG'S. She just does so I'm taking my time so I don't fuck it or any of the others up. I will tho do a commission dump soon since I have at least 4 that I've done that need to be uploaded. Also some shota ones will be posted at some point as well so people let's make sure we have our filters done properly. It amazes me at how many pple don't. Sheesh!

(o)X-mas....I'm so not ready for this and well I'm not really in the mood for it. Sigh, I'm frustrated about not having the money to splurge a little on the kids. Now when I mean splurge I mean like $50 per child. Oh and honestly not with toys and such...the kids love jammies and stuff, so it's things like that I wanted to buy for them ^^ So not being able to do so has left me in a funk of sorts.

(o)My daughter has now started having nightmares........HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA, no it's not really funny to see your child terrified at the thought that she's going to be eaten....but at the same time it is. You know why, cause we're adults and went through all that crap at one point and know how silly but terrifying this stage is. kiterie + LegatoLies and I got to talking about the things that fn drove us under the covers and my god the list seemed endless. LMAO! But anyhow she's fine although getting her to actually shut her eyes is sometimes a challenge but thank god I sleep late so she crashes at some point.

(o)Last is a recent conversation I had with my hubby that I must say left me cracking up. Plus made me realize again why I love the man. It went like this:

H: Hey babes?
D: Hmm?

H: Do you dream?
D: Huh? Of course I dream don't we all? I mean I don't every night but yeah, why?

H: Just wondering.
D: Why?

H: Well I mean look at the stuff you draw. Did you dream that or what?
D: No, I hate to tell you but my dreams aren't that exciting or fn vivid. Why? OMG, did I call some other guys name in my sleep?

H: Shit woman, I wouldn't be surprised if you did.
D: HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! Wait a minute, have I ever?

H: Yeah last night you were moaning sensei.


Commissions are Reopened

I'm reopening commissions since I'm in need of some money to help ease the cash strain that is being caused from X-Mas purchases.  Please contact me if you're interested ^__^ 

:next:Pencil Sketch $5 (Xtra chara +$3)

:next:Digital Sketch [lineart] $8 (Xtra chara +$2)

:next:Full Colored no background $15

:next:2 Characters $20 colored with possibly simple design type background

-Original Sketch
-Line Art
-Image file (fully colored)
:next: Please note that finished images may slightly differ from original sketch. I also retain the right to decline a request.

I'm currently offering  a 20% discount off the commissions prices if your commission is Naruto Based.  If you decide to go with the HOLIDAY SPECIAL I will only take 10% off.  YOU MUST BE AN LJ MEMBER TO RECEIVE THIS DISCOUNT